A note about our doulas

Most doulas on this site are members of Doula UK and as such, adhere to a Code of Conduct. Doula UK also has a complaints procedure and a number of Mentors who guide and support new doulas.

There are a number of doulas listed on this site who are not yet members of Doula UK. This is because they are still finishing their course of study necessary before they are eligible to join the organisation. In the meantime, they are free to work with women, with the support and guidance of Cambs Doulas, as long as clients have made an informed decision to choose that particular doula.

Very new doulas and Mentored Doulas who are members of Doula UK are often a cheaper option, so please don’t rule them out when choosing a doula!

Each doula who is a member of Doula UK will have a Doula UK logo by her name.

If you have any questions about any of the Cambs Doulas or any aspect of the way we work, do feel free to get in touch.