Anna Richardson

Anna RichardsonI am mother to 3 gorgeous daughters, born 1998, 2000 & 2006 & a handsome son, born 2007.
I live a few miles outside Cambridge where I have lived most of my life, but was born in the Lake District which is my favourite place in the world so I try to get up there at least once a year.

I am prepared to travel to families up to approximately an hour away from home.

I am currently a mentored birth doula & am a member of Doula UK. I trained with Developing Doulas in 2009, then refreshed my training in 2012 when I was ready to throw myself fully into the doula world. I often attend workshops, which allow me to enhance my knowledge.

I trained as a babywearing consultant with the School of Babywearing in 2012 & have since spent lots of time expanding my knowledge in the area.

I have been learning a lot about breastfeeding through assisting at a breastfeeding support group. I am hoping to do some official training in this area, so I can be more knowledgeable & be able to assist more, as I have seen the common & less common issues that are faced by breastfeeding mothers.

I do have experience of tandem feeding.

I was an NNEB Nursery Nurse after leaving school & have spent many years looking after children from birth to teenagers in various settings, but I now feel I have evolved into supporting parents as they bring their children into the world, which I gain great enjoyment & fulfilment from.

My varied & sometimes unexpected experiences of birth have led me to be keen to encourage parents to consider all potential scenarios & therefore consider ‘parallel plans’, enabling them to feel more aware & in control of their birth experience. I believe unconditional support & unbiased, evidence based information can enable parents to feel empowered & passionate as they go on their personal journey bringing their babies into the world.

As a doula, I am happy and willing to be whatever you need me to be. I adore being part of the wonderful community of doulas, near and far and feel secure that I can call on their support whenever I may need further information or am outside of my own comfort zone.

Since fully integrating myself into the parenting world, I have come across many parents, which has shown me that it is important to recognise people’s individual needs and be able to adapt to different circumstances and needs. However, I always endeavour to be myself. I consider my qualities to be caring, compassionate, non-judgemental, patient, versatile, a multi-tasking queen with a unique sense of humour!