Callie Copeman

Callie Copeman-BryantHaving had two wonderful but very different births myself I understand how important it is for women to achieve the birth DUK Memberthey feel is right for them. In addition to my own two children I also have two step-sons so understand the challenges of different age groups and family dynamics. I’m a birth doula and clinical hypnotherapist, specialising in fertility, pregnancy and birth, and I love nothing better than to support couples to achieve the kind of birth they want to achieve.
My aim is to support you and your birth partner (or to act as your birth partner if required) wherever or however you choose to give birth, whether that be at home, in hospital or in a birth centre, whether it be surgical or natural, with or without medical intervention. I firmly believe that there is no one such thing as “the right way to give birth”, but simply the right birth for each individual. I have a strong interest in natural birth, but am equally supportive of medicalised and surgical births.

Similarly, while most of the couples I support are from traditional male/female relationship structures, I don’t believe in concepts such as the ‘right’ kind of family, and am a strong supporter of alternative or unconventional relationship structures, including same-sex couples and polyamorous families.

I am a member of the UK HypnoBirthing Advisory Board and a Doula mentor for Doula UK. I am also a fully qualified Clinical & Curative Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner, and am experienced in tailoring hypnotherapeutic techniques for different types of births, including caesarean sections. I have experience of attending hospital births (both on delivery and midwife-led units), premature births, induced births, VBACs, HBACs, waterbirths and home births.