Cambs Doulas Access Fund

What is the Cambs Doulas Access Fund?

The Cambs Doulas Access Fund (CAF) is a small pot of money that enables us to support families whose financial situation would not ordinarily allow them to afford doula support. The CAF also allows us to support doulas in financial crisis. The fund is totally reliant on donations and we are immensely grateful to our clients who are generous enough to donate!

The fund is run by a group of volunteer doulas and a doula client, who is our much-valued Treasurer!

What can we offer?

The Cambs Doula Access Fund was initially set up after having received generous donations from contented clients of Cambs Doulas. It means that it is possible to pay your Doula if you are in financial hardship and are unable to pay for the Doula service yourself. 

How does it work?

A mother or parent (or their partner) who would like Doula support, but cannot afford it, can apply to the Access Fund. The application will be considered and, if successful, you shall receive Doula support and your Doula shall be paid by the Access Fund.

It may be that you can contribute towards the cost of the Doula however cannot afford the full fee. In this case, the Access Fund will pay the Doula the remaining balance. 

If you are successful and are applying for birth support, you will be asked to pay a retaining fee of £50 (after the application process). 

Will I be eligible? 

We will look at the information you provide, both financial and non-financial, as well as consider other relevant circumstances in your life. You will be eligible if you are in financial hardship, would benefit from our support and are unable to pay for a Doula yourself. 

How Can I Apply?

Send an email. We shall consider your application within 2 weeks of receiving it and let you know the outcome. If your application is accepted, we shall ask within the Doula community and a Doula that is able to offer her services shall get in touch with you to arrange a call/home visit. 

How Can I Donate?

Send an email detailing the intention of the donation (and name if appropriate) and then you will be sent the CAF bank details to deposit the donation.

Life with a new baby seemed to get harder and harder until at one point I was totally exhausted. I wanted to manage on my own, and I didn’t even know what kind of help I wanted! But the application form was quick and easy to fill in and when I got a message from my doula she was so friendly and encouraging. Even though she has years and years of expertise, (and has a magic effect on my baby), she really helps me to grow my own confidence. It was a relief at the start to admit how hard I was finding things and to feel like she took me seriously rather than just saying “it will pass”, or “it’s normal”. Now I feel way more able to handle the bad nights, unsettled times and crying, but best of all I feel like me and my baby have a lot more fun together! 
I feel very lucky and very grateful to have had financial support from the access fund, it’s honestly transformed both of our lives, but even if all you feel you need is ten minutes to sit with a cup of tea, I really recommend applying!