Casey Scott

I am a Recognised birth and postnatal doula

My name is Casey, I was born in 1968 and I live in Wistow just outside Huntingdon with Marcus to whom I have been happily married since 1992. We have three terrific children together, Louie, Ollie and Mia, born in 1995, ’98 and 2000 respectively.
It is my view and it has been my experience, that there is no one right way to give birth to, or bring up a child. What is of paramount importance is that you feel empowered to make the myriad of often seemingly overwhelming decisions in a manner that you are comfortable with. Whatever your initial strategy, whether that be to research everything or if you choose to just go with the flow my aim would be for you to be able to look back on your birth or post natal period with success, even if the path you end up taking isn’t quite the one you initially planned.

I had three very different births. My longed for home birth with Louie was not to be __ he was far too comfy where he was, so it was a hospital induction for him. Still a magical time though.
With Ollie I got my wish and she was born at home, a fabulous experience. Although Marcus needed a Doula as he didn’t much like being so involved with all the gore!!
Mia lost her bearings and continued to be the wrong way round so was born via caesarean section or ‘the sun roof’ as she calls it! Not such a great time, I missed the euphoria of my natural births. I needed a post natal Doula to help me with the bonding process. I’d found it so easy with the first two and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t so simple 3rd time round __ I’d done it twice __ what could be so hard?
In March 2007 I was privileged enough to witness the birth of a friend’s 3rd child in the Rosie, Cambridge.A truly mind blowing experience, how could a woman’s body instinctively be that brilliant. That was it, I was hooked, Doulaing here I come.

As a birth doula I would offer a min of 2 pre-natal visits, on call from 38 weeks to 42 wks, present at the birth, email and phone communication on the run up to the birth and for 6 weeks after the birth, as well as a min of 1 post natal visit. £950 for the package.
As a postnatal Doula I charge £20 per hour (with a £10 fuel charge if you live further than half an hour from me.) I will tailor my package to suit your individual needs whatever that may look like!

Before I had kids of my own I had been a NNEB trained Nanny for 9 years with children ranging from birth to 6 years.

In February 2008 I completed a 5 day Developing Doula’s course to set me on my way.
In June 2008 I completed a basic first aid course.

In Jan 2010 I completed a water birth study day.

In June 2010 I completed a Rebozo scarf workshop.

In November 2010 I completed a breast feeding workshop and a homeopathy study day.

In May 2011 I attended an “Intelligent Tea Drinking” workshop.

In July 2011 I completed a Baby Led Weaning course.

In February 2012 I completed a tongue tie workshop.

In November 2012 I completed a Baby Wearing workshop.

In February 2014 I completed a Homeopathy study day

In May 2015 I completed a Closing the Bones workshop/study day

In September 2018 I completed a ‘consent’ workshop

In March 2020 I completed an hypnosis for birth workers workshop

In May 2020 I completed an online Infant reflux workshop

E-mail: – [email protected]                      Tel: – 07810 485 022