Cecilia Goldaracena


Born to be carry Peer support course – February 2015 (Tutor : Sophie Messager)

Developing Doulas Doula course – April 2015 (Tutor : Maddie McMahon)

Doula services I provide :

Birth Doula & Postnatal Doula

Sling peer supporter






Contact Information :

Mobile Phone: 07803471612

Facebook: Ceci Doula

E-mail: cecidoula@hotmail.com

Web site: www.cecidoula.com

Hello! My name is Cecilia Goldaracena and my friends and family call me Ceci. I am from Uruguay and I moved to Cambridge with my husband after living for 6 years in Washington DC, USA. Now I live in Saffron Walden but I still work with Cambridge families.
I feel I have always been a Doula, being a Doula is something I am more than something I do. I had different experiences with birth and post-natal but wasn’t until I moved to Cambridge that I started my training. I was very lucky to have joined the Developing Doulas course and have met this amazing tribe of women today I work and learn with. I always felt passionate about birth, babies and human evolution. I am a recognized doula and mentored post-natal doula. I am native Spanish-speaker and I also speak English and Portuguese.  I have a lot of experience with new born babies and toddlers; I worked as full time nanny few years ago.

Among the activities I am passionate about, I always loved Photography.  After few courses I am now focusing on family, pregnancy, birth and babies photography. So another service I offered is photographing your baby in the comfortable space of your home ,having  a family photo shoot or even if you want photos of the birth.

I am very happy to support any kind of birth with the main goals of supporting the family and walking with them throughout this path while they feel safe and comfortable in this special moment of their life. Every birth and every family is unique and fascinating.  As your birth Doula I will provide support in anything you need, nurturing, and reassurance.

I also support families in the post-natal period. As a Post-natal Doula I really enjoy to encourage new parents to start this journey in the best way for them, in a way that is natural for them because every parent knows what is best for that baby, sometime they just need confidence and encouragement.

I can hold your baby while you nap, go with you to appointments, we can talk about how do you feel with all this changes in your new life as a parent and/or I can do things in your house that will allow you to enjoy this precious moments with your baby without worrying about other things like laundry or walking the dog.  As a post-natal Doula I want you to enjoy this baby moon and give you any support you need.

I am particularly enthusiastic about baby wearing. I have attended a workshop for baby wearing peer supporters and I do really enjoy attending sling meetings and exploring with parents the process of choosing the right sling for them.

I would love to support families not only during pregnancy, birth and post-nataly, but also when they receive their baby through adoption, face miscarriages and deal with fertility issues.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat anytime.


“Ceci is a loving and caring person, she really took good care of me as a mum and of my husband as a future dad as our birth Doula. She always had the right words of support and was constantly thinking of how she could help us even more. In hindsight, having a doula for our birth was the best decision we made when planning for that moment. She is now sharing all that loving and care she has with our little one as a postnatal doula. The transition from being a couple with no kids to having our first son felt as a bit of a shock, Ceci made that shock bearable and was a great resource to have at hand to help us deal with those critical times in which you run out of energy.”
Sofia & Peter: First baby-Cambridge 2016

Ceci was my doula July 2016, for the birth of my second child. I did not have a doula the first time round and I can say that this made a huge difference to the whole experience. Ceci is a trustworthy, mature and confident woman and doula who above all is warm, intuitive and loving in her practice of the profession, she has relaxed, me, comforted me and made me laugh before, during and after the birth. Her all round care of me, my partner and eventually my baby I cannot recommend high enough.
C&V Second baby – Cambridge 2016

Ceci’s support in the first weeks and month was invaluable. I always had a good day when she was here and her positive and happy attitude cheered me up when things were a bit tough. I completely trust her with our baby and I am grateful that she is part of our lives. Thank you!

Andrea & Sikander First baby -Cambridge 2016


“Ceci was a breath of calm in the madness of new born twins. She was a beautiful presence and I felt absolutely trusting of her to help both me and the babies.”
Rosie (post-natal-new born twins)


“Cecilia was always there, irradiating strength and motivation. When I thought I couldn’t deal any more, she will cheer me to succeed, to visualize my baby, to progress a little bit more. When I barely couldn’t talk she would look my sight to re-comfort and that always help me to remember that we as a team were powerful. Cecilia supported me in all decisions and ensured that all were informed ones. Cecilia was more than a doula, she was a person that I fully trusted in, she guided me, she was a personal trainer that helped me throughout the labour process, with her constant optimism, calm and care. And we went through it with plenty of humour.

Many thanks Cecilia.
Sigrid & Rafael