Dani Swanson

My name is Dani and have been a mentored birth and post-natal doula since 2020. I live on the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk/Norfolk border with my husband and our three children.

I became a doula after a lifetime of supporting loved ones through the transition to parenthood and passion for all things birth and postpartum. Being with women/pregnant people and their families during this vulnerable yet epic journey feels like my natural place in the world.

As your birth doula I will help you navigate the maternity system as you embark on the twists and
turns of pregnancy. I will signpost you to evidence-based resources and help you make sense of
your options, so you can feel fully informed and receive truly individualised care.

I will offer a non-judgmental listening ear in the strictest confidence to help with any concerns you
may have along the way. During your labour and birth, I will be your advocate and your physical and
emotional support for the whole family. I will support you with feeding and bonding in the first few
hours with your new baby and protect your space in this special time.

As your postnatal doula I will be present with you where you need me. I will provide much needed
companionship and care as you steer your way through your new chapter. Whether it be your first
baby or your seventh, each transition is unique, and I aim to protect and emotionally support you in
the early days of your postpartum. I will support you with feeding your baby whether that be initiating
breastfeeding/chestfeeding or other methods of feeding. I can also help with cloth nappies should
that be of interest, and I can assist with small household tasks that can pile up so you can focus on
your and your baby’s well-being. I will help protect your rest and can care for your baby should you
need a nap or a shower and make sure you are nourished and hydrated. While I’m working with you
I can signpost you to services relevant to you and your family and accompany you to appointments if

As a night doula I can provide companionship or baby care (or a mixture of both). This care can be
tailored to your needs, and I am keen to work in a way that both protects your night-time rhythm and
your need to rest. I can keep you company during feeds or help with supplementary feeds while you
sleep. My goal is to ease you into night-time parenting in a way that is sustainable for the whole

I am an incredibly loving, passionate, and friendly person who very much believes in autonomy of
choice and informed decision making. I am not only there to provide support for the pregnant person,
but also for any birth partners you may have along with you. Choosing me for support means you will
get someone who is on your side, supporting you with relevant information, while being a friend to
walk with on your journey through parenthood. My goal is for you to feel loved, supported, and

I enjoy wild swimming, reading, and having deep conversations with my friends. I have three
fabulous children and together we love to be outside in nature. My parenting and own birth
experience means I can give empathetic, enthusiastic non-judgemental support and meet you where
you are.

My training and qualifications:
Developing Doulas Doula preparation course
Maternity support assistant
Trainee Breastfeeding councillor
Volunteer breastfeeding supporter

I can be found on Facebook and Instagram at Danielle Swanson Doula or email me at
[email protected]