Dawn Styles

Hello!! My name is Dawn and I am a recognised birth Doula, Mentored Postnatal Doula living in North Cambridgeshire. Every birth is unique and I am here to support you along your birthing journey, whatever path you may choose. Every woman has a right to make informed choices throughout her pregnancy and birth and I am here to support that to my best ability.

A little about me…. I live in March with my husband and 4 children aged 18, 16, 14 and 8.         I have always worked in a caring role starting with caring for the elderly, moving on to working as a dental nurse and then on to childcare and child development, which I have over 10 years’ experience in with a Level 3 Qualification. I have worked alongside families with various additional needs and disabilities, three of my own children are on the Autistic spectrum with sensory processing disorder, so I have extensive knowledge in this area. I have completed my Level 2 Qualification in Understanding Autism and have attended many training courses on Inclusion, Safeguarding and Pediatric first-aid.

During my time working with children I realised the importance of supporting mothers during pregnancy and the lack of support often offered, here my interest in birth work began.

I trained as a Doula in June 2018 and I trained as an NCT Breastfeeding Peer Supporter in December 2018. I have also trained in ‘Closing the bones’ massage, Three-step rewind, Reiki level 2, Aromatherapy for childbirth and many more! Training is my passion and I love learning new skills that I can pass on to support people around me, helping people to feel good is something that I adore. I am vegan and my other passions are crochet and gardening.

I would be honoured to walk alongside you on your unique journey, please get in touch to chat more.

Have a great day 😊



07590 719965