Elle Fleming

I am a mentored birth and postnatal doula based in Cambridge. You and I can work together to bring the support you deserve back into your pregnancy, your birth, and your life!

The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m an anthropologist turned doula, and I’ve never lost that passion for both an evidence-based perspective as well as deep respect for cultural folk knowledge. I know better than most how amazingly the human body has evolved to birth our babies, but also how crucial a supportive community is! I’ve also grown up living and working all around the world, which has given me such a beautiful glimpse into how diverse our practices around family, birth, and childcare are across our species. I’m now settled living in Cambridge with my partner, daughter, and two fluffy cats, but that global perspective has never left me.

I discovered the power of having a doula first-hand during my pregnancy with my daughter, where I was lucky enough to be supported by two incredible women. They helped me navigate every step of the process, and their pregnancy and postpartum care brought me out of that journey wiser, happier, and more empowered than I was before. I became fixated on the idea that EVERY family deserves the support we had, and I felt for the first time in my life what I can only describe as a calling!

I have also, through the trials and triumphs of my own parenthood journey, become passionate about the idea that support and continuity of care shouldn’t just stop at birth, or at 6 weeks postpartum. As a certified doula I am constantly studying and learning more about baby wearing, breastfeeding, infant sleep, child development, nutrition, and psychology so that I can be there for my clients when they want support throughout their children’s lives to help them navigate this incredible journey with confidence and joy!

All the very best

Elle Fleming

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