Hazra Aya

Hello, I’m Hazra – a mentored birth and postnatal doula living in South Cambridgeshire. I grew up in East London but have called Bristol home for a large part of my life. I qualified as a dentist there and after having children, I decided to train as a doula. 

I have worked in NHS hospitals for over ten years now in various roles and also worked as a university lecturer in Anatomy. I loved the caring aspect of my role as a Special Care dentist; tailoring care for each individual and their unique circumstance. I knew I could bring these qualities into my role as a doula. Supporting an expectant mother through pregnancy, the birth and beyond is an honour. Building a relationship through trust and consistent care is special.

After having my first baby I noticed the lack of continuity of care and the deficit in good feeding support. I chose to leave dentistry and trained as a Postnatal Doula with Samsara at Conscious Birthing and a breastfeeding counsellor.

I then went on to experience less than favourable treatment throughout my second pregnancy and birth, which only intensified the aspiration I had to stand by other mothers. Lifting up and encouraging other mothers-to-be felt like a calling, and I trained as a Birth Doula with Kate at Conscious Birthing.

My experiences have made me realise the healing potential there is for us, as women, through the pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey. Previous generations were not always provided with choice; coming from a South Asian and Muslim community the ability to trust and listen to our own bodies has not always been encouraged. I feel very strongly that every woman should be nurtured to fulfil her own birthing reality. Our society today is not built around mothering the mother, physically or emotionally. Despite my own heritage having rich traditions of holding the mother, this is sometimes lost in our modern worldview. Part of my calling is to rediscover and preserve the cultural traditions of my ancestors. Each and every birthing woman deserves to be seen and cherished, and that is how I hope to serve mothers.

My doula name ‘Amaanah Doula’ reflects my approach; ‘Amaanah’ is an Arabic word encompassing trust, reliability and security. It can be used to describe a binding contract between individuals, promising to uphold and protect the rights of the person. Being given the opportunity to stand with an expectant mother is a deep responsibility, upholding a mother’s rights is an ‘amaanah’ I am entrusted with. I can support those with faith through remembrance and trust in Allah during their journey into motherhood and beyond.

I will hold space and listen through your pregnancy journey. I will nurture and care for you in the tender stages through and after birth.

I can support in-person in the Cambridge and surrounding areas or virtually. Clients find it useful to connect virtually for antenatal sessions to prepare for birth & debrief appointments and also to prepare for the postnatal period, especially if you are further afield. 

You can find me on my instagram account @amaanahdoula

Mobile : 07534481241

[email protected]