Laura Jane Traynor


I’m Laura and I live in central Peterborough with my partner Paul and three children Lola, Ollie and Mylo ages 10, 8 and 4. In our spare time we enjoy being outside (in all weathers) and love a good camping holiday to Devon in our bell tent. Sea, surf and campfires in the evening is my idea of bliss!

I’m a self confessed birth geek and try to keep in the loop of the latest books and evidence, so spend a good chunk of my time reading birth stories, watching birth videos and finding good links to send to clients! I’m constantly on the lookout for new study days to attend so I’m always up to date.

I began the doula journey after the birth of my first baby. In the postnatal period I was flooded with vulnerability and pure panic – I had never held a baby for more than a few moments and the sudden feeling of this beautiful girl being totally reliant on me was overwhelming! I felt instantly and irreversibly changed. I also had a deep longing for someone to nurture me, to mother the mother and when that didn’t happen I began to feel exhausted, doubtful and lonely. This feeling triggered my passion for birth work.

I embarked on this fully after the birth of my third baby, Mylo. I took a step back and had a long think about what was important in life. I realised that something huge was often missing for expectant parents within maternity care – non judgemental and unbiased support. Empathy and human compassion.

So, I became an NCT breastfeeding peer supporter and then completed the NCT birth and beyond degree enabling me to practice as an antenatal educator and birth doula. I’ve also trained in pregnancy yoga, so I have a thorough understanding about the importance of relaxation and movement during pregnancy and throughout labour. I’m always looking out for additional training and courses to support new parents with – I strongly believe the learning journey never ends!

I’ve trained in mindful rebozo, biomechanics of birth, hypnobirthing and have a thirst for more. In the not too distant future I will complete a course in postnatal recovery and three step rewind for birth trauma.

In a nutshell, my approach is that you know best. Instinct should always be given attention. I don’t see myself as an expert and I would never lead you to believe that I have all the answers. However, I also believe that minds can become clouded when there are too many voices and opinions; therefore I see my role as raising your voice so that it is the loudest, because as a birthing woman, it should be.

I would really love to chat with you so don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Tel: 07706034468
Instagram: @laurajanedoula