Lauren Armbrust

Hello, my name is Lauren and I live in central Cambridge with my husband, Adam. I grew up in the states with my many cousins and close relatives and do not yet have children of my own. 

Having grown up with parents who worked full time, I spent my early days being a part of the families of my caregivers. I feel quite comfortable being a part of families outside my immediate one and believe we are all just one giant tribe of humankind. Looking back at my earliest years, I realise the importance of being completely supported by someone who not only nurtures but genuinely cares about witnessing your feelings. It is my strong desire to pay this forward to my clients.

New to the doula scene, I look forward to supporting pregnant and birthing folks on their unique journey. My training with Developing Doulas has given me so many resources that I am ready to offer when and if my client needs it. In my spare time I am a photographer and artist as well as a manager for a Cambridge based tour company. Doulaing may be my part time job but it’s a full time passion.

Doula – Before, During & After
I am a recent Developing Doulas graduate in February 2022 and am a mentored Birth Doula. I work mainly in Cambridgeshire, but able to go beyond its bounds. I have a real passion for supporting women and their partners on their journey to parenthood. As your doula I have no agenda. I am your sounding board. This is your production and I am merely an assistant. You deserve to feel not just good but confident about your plans for birth and beyond. I look forward to supporting all sorts of families without bias, judgement or prejudice. I have yet to support my first birth but I am very excited and ready to be there for you as a calm and reassuring presence. I believe in your vision for birth and parenthood and it is my dream to help you realise it. 

What I do?
As your doula, I may assist you and your partner through initial preparations for your birth. We can take the time necessary to consider your thoughts, feelings and ideas. There is no rush. So much of the outside world pushes us to move faster. But we will take this time to pause. 

I may also assist and support you during your labour and birth if you decide that is what you want. You may feel at ease having someone who is a non-relative with you to be another kind of emotional support. I am trained to remain focused on your needs and leave my personal worries at home. 

I can also support you in the first weeks after birth with one or two house calls. With ears and eyes open and neutral, you would once again have the floor. Together we may reflect on the journey so far and celebrate. During these visits I make myself entirely available to be your support person. Even if that means some light tidying up. My job is to make you more comfortable whatever that means for you.




Phone: +4407460246224