Letty Rose Jeffreys

Hello, my name is Letty and I am a recognised Birth Doula based just outside Saffron Walden.

I have always been fascinated with birth and having had my son, Quinn, in 2013 and becoming Auntie to eight nieces and nephews, it quickly became a passion. I trained with Maddie McMahon at Developing Doulas when Quinn was just 4 months old – as soon as he was born I felt a strong calling to enter this line of work.

I have experience in attending natural birth, water birth, induction, home birth, hospital birth (both birthing centre and delivery units), twin birth, VBAC and birth after bereavement.

My aim is to walk with you, as you make your choices for birth and beyond. Every woman/couple choose to have a doula for a different reason, so exploring your preferences, any fears/concerns you may have and your vision for your perfect birth will help me to understand the support that you are looking for and allow me to then provide that during your labour. I can offer you help with finding evidence based information to help you make informed decisions about your care. I am very much aware that pregnancy brings with it a minefield of information – a lot of it conflicting, which can create doubt and confusion. I am here for you, to help you navigate the information available and be a sound board if required.

I am also there to support the birth partner, making sure that he/she is able to give you the support you need from them, whilst being cared for themselves. I am certainly not there to replace your birth partner (unless I am your sole birth partner which I have experience of). As your Birth Doula, I am your supportive labour companion, providing encouragement and reassurance, as well as the practical needs. I want to help you feel safe and secure and I won’t leave you alone throughout the whole labour and birth, unless you ask me to. I want to make sure the birth of your baby is as positive and fulfilling an event as possible – however your baby is born. We can chat antenatally about techniques you may wish to use to help you remain calm and in control throughout the experience.

Over the last few years my calling has unfolded before my eyes and I am proud to say I am an experienced Wise Hippo Birthing Instructor, I run group and private courses in North Essex and Cambs so I can also support you in this way if you choose hypnobirthing as part of your antenatal preparation. I am a Placenta Specialist and have been trained to provide a modern and safe method for women to consume their placenta in capsule form as well as many other remedies for both mother and baby. I am also a Closing the Bones Practitioner, which is a beautiful massage and ritual designed to aid recovery and healing, so I can offer postnatal support and care if you would like it. Currently I am studying to become an ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor and I am really enjoying all the fascinating knowledge that I am taking on and sharing with my clients.

I have a keen interest and deep trust in general of women’s bodies being capable of natural birth, however, I am a strong believer in choices and having the ‘right birth on the day ‘and so I am also very supportive of medicalised/surgical birth if that is the route your labour/birth takes.

I will be available to you 24/7 from around 38 weeks and once you call me, I will stay with you (and your partner), supporting both of you, until at least 2 hours after your baby is born. After the birth, I can help you to begin your breastfeeding partnership with your baby if that is your chosen feeding method. I will leave as soon as you are ready for some privacy and will then come and visit you once or twice postnatally, to talk through the birth, or any concerns you may have as a new parents.

Please feel free to call me if you would like an initial chat about your requirements and any questions you may have.

Letty xx

Contact me on 07793 718 658 or email blownawaybirthing@outlook.com