Linda Robinson


Linda RobinsonHello I am Linda Robinson and I live in Saffron Walden. I have been blessed with 4 DUKlogochildren and 5 grandchildren. I have always believed what an honour it is to be present during the final months of a woman’s pregnancy, the birth and moments afterwards when the parents are bonding with their new born babe.

Can you imagine my delight when I was asked to share my children’s amazing moments of their lives? The birth of my grandchildren. I certainly became a very useful member of the family once the babies were born, making sure mum rested while I looked after the older children and giving me the perfect opportunity for me to nurture her and for her to have the time just being able to care for her baby.

I am very aware that many families live far away and are unable to help in this way. As a Doula I can offer that support, a friendly face and someone to share their worries and concern with.

It is well known that to have a female confidant to share your thoughts and worries can reduce the risk of postnatal depression.

My desire to become a Doula (am a mentored doula at this present time) has been influenced by my work within Homestart (a voluntary organisation that helps young families). I have been in this position for 31 years. Working alongside families who are going through a difficult period in their lives. All I have learnt over this period and obviously my doula training will help me on my journey as a Doula.

My Philosophy
My physiology is really based around nurturing and the bonding process of mother and babe.
My hopes would be that her pregnancy and birth be a positive experience for the whole family.
But more importantly I am very much parent-led. Listening to what mum is really trying to tell you. I also believe mum knows best and would always respect her wishes. This is her pregnancy, her body, her baby.

Courses Attended
1.Webster Stratton Incredible parenting course (trained as a facilitator)
2. Two year counselling course.
3. Listening and communication skills.
4. Infant and mother attachment. Trainer Dr de Felicity de Zulueata.
5. What about the child (getting the balance right with supporting parents with under 5s)
6. Helping the child with anger issues.
7. Parental workshops.
8. Conflict of interest with mental health.
9. Domestic abuse, the effects on the child.
10. Helping children thrive, Margo Sunderland.
11. Parental engagement, positive parenting.
12. Postnatal depression and post traumatic stress disorder.
13. Child Neglect – The invisible abuse .
14. The impact of neglect on child development.
15. Developing Doulas Birth and Postnatal doula preparation course.