Marta Antunes


My name is Marta and I am the person behind Baby Bun Doula. 

I have various passions in life alongside helping people in my role as a Doula . I love travelling and exploring new cultures and exploring the underwater world.

I enjoy learning and have a desire for knowledge so I tend to ask a lot of questions!

I am a confident person, who is easy-going, friendly and compassionate. 

I can’t give you any one reason for why I became a doula, all I know is that I love what I do and wouldn’t want to do anything else!

I have worked in the caring industry for over a decade fulfilling various roles, which has given me the necessary experience to help you navigate the options available within our health system.

I am a natural advocate and feel enthusiastic about empowering people to follow their own paths regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender identification.

I am passionate about the physiological and psychological process of conception, pregnancy, labour, birth, early parenthood and child development. I also have a keen interest in breastfeeding, food introduction and infant sleep.

My aim is to support you, independent of your beliefs or background through your unique journey.

Feel free to get in touch:


[email protected]