Our Guiding Principles

A Cambs Doula…..

  • Offers practical and emotional support and information to the family, helping them to feel
    empowered in their own decisions.
  • Cambs Doulas members are not responsible for for the choices made by the woman and her family.
  • Will provide judgement-free support to a family, whatever their parenting style, feeding choices and birth choices.
  • Is fully accountable for herself, and works within the law and the Cambs Doulas Code of
    Conduct and other policies and procedures and is responsible for familiarising herself with these
  • Will work to the highest standard of care and support possible, striving to be sensitive, nurturing,
    empathic, non-judgemental, knowledge based, reliable, communicative, practical and respectful
    of the families wishes.
  • Does not perform clinical, midwifery or medical tasks, diagnose medical conditions or give
    medical advice, whilst working as a doula, even if trained as a health professional.
  • Understands that our core skill set is signposting, listening and practical help and will signpost
    where necessary to outside resources or specialists if their needs fall outside her remit.
  • Will practice transparency in terms of her education and experience and not mislead clients,
    other doulas, or professionals.
  • Will be honest and show integrity and respect at all times towards clients, doulas and other
  • Will practice full disclosure and inform Cambs Doulas if ANY safeguarding concern that does or
    could affect her ability to work with children or vulnerable adults.
  • Will not discuss personal or confidential information disclosed by her clients in their doula work,
    without the expressed permission of their clients, except in situations where there is a legal or safeguarding
    obligation to do so.
  • Is responsible for her own continued professional development,
  • Will strive to attend Cambs Doulas meetings and events and contribute where possible to the
    running of the collective.
  • Understands that Cambs Doulas is not an employer or governing body and does not provide legal
    protection or advice.