Paula Cleary

As a mother of five, experienced doula and homebirth campainer (I am the founder of Birthplace Matters, which successfully campaigned to have the homebirth service restored in Kings Lynn), I know first-hand what a difference it makes to receive loving, continuous support from a birth partner who really believes in you!

My role as your doula encompasses different kinds of support…

Psychological : helping you to build a positive birthing mindset

Emotional – listening to you and exploring questions, feelings, fears if you wish to share them

Practical – sometimes taking on practical things that need doing to free you up to focus on more important things

Physical – being hands-on in labour if you need or want to be massaged, or held, or leaned on

Caring – being a loving, unflustered and positive person you can depend on

Confidence boosting – helping you to draw on your own intuition and strengths

As your doula, I try to do everything in my power to help the magic flow whatever setting you birth in, no matter how things unfold.

I have trained with Nurturing Birth, Birthing From Within and also Developing Doulas, and believe experience is the best teacher of all. I am always keen to learn new skills and make new friends around the globe – sharing knowledge and growing gives me a real buzz.

Sometimes I am asked back to be a doula for a second time, and am still involved in the lives of many families I have worked with as those babies turn into toddlers and then school-aged boys and girls and it is always a lovely thing to witness a family’s evolution! If you are interested to know more about what you can expect when you hire me as your doula… please look at my website: