Rachel Marston

I’m a big believer in biology – that humans are animals who are well designed to do what we do (birth, breast feeding), given the opportunity and support.  I have a range of personal experiences to draw on and a passion for parents having enough information and support to reach their own decisions.  I’d love to be a birth doula when my children are older.  In the meantime, I can offer support during pregnancy, particularly with navigating the medical and statistical information.

I am also looking to be a post-natal doula.  Having children has taught me that I didn’t have a clue what it was like before then.  There’s a steep learning curve which can be overwhelming, and then the daily reality can be challenging.  Having support is invaluable, especially in the early weeks, and this is something I can help with.

I am based in Newmarket.

Rachel Marston

07989 953 6003