Sarah Drawwater

About Me
Thank you for taking a moment to read my profile. I live in the central Cambridgeshire town of Ramsey, enabling me to offer care to families around the whole county and often beyond too. I am a Developing Doulas graduate, Birth & Postnatal Doula, Hypnobirthing facilitator and birth Photographer.

Sarah Drawwater – The Nostalgic Doula
I have always been passionate about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding, right from when I was an early teen I had a fascination with birth and the incredible power of women. Since having my family and feeling the intensity of parenthood myself I have found a love for supporting women & birthing people and their families while they find their way in their own family story. After I began my family and birth photography business in 2016, connecting with families in this way inspired me to continue on to be able to support them even further in the awesomely varied role of a Doula.

So, in what can be an intense time in our lives, with such a steep learning curve as we not only learn about our babies but also so much about ourselves and our partners too: I love to be your sounding board, your go-to cushion for a yell or a cuddle. Your window and filter onto a world of research and knowledge that lurks everywhere around us from the moment we step foot on our parenting story board.

I go on with the aim to offer you and your family practical and emotional support whilst signposting you to evidence based information to support and empower you in reaching your goals. I support the individual needs of each family I work with and recognise that pregnancy, birth and the years beyond are different for each and every family.

Doula support without the cherry
When good antenatal education, information and support is the cake and in person birth support is the cherry.
As well as my all encompassing doula package I offer ‘doula support without the cherry’ for families wanting more than an antenatal/Hypnobirthing teacher but less than a full birth doula.
Ask me about my ‘doula without the cherry’ deal for more info.

A little more about my story…
My journey to becoming a Doula has been a true evolution that has taken me through so many experiences, at the time I didn’t truly know where this was leading me to, but now I am here as a birth and postnatal Doula I feel that I am in the most positive of places to support the families I have the privilege of working with.

In my search for my true calling, after having my boys, I began my photography business. I have never been the family photographer that you may expect though. I always shoot what it feels like, not what it looks like. And as my role as a Doula developed, I am now a Doula at my core with a camera available to my clients should they decide to capture their birth story, either in its entirety or just in parts (or not at all).

Wherever you are on your journey, or wherever your story takes you I will aim to be with you, supporting you to find your own way, something that can be hard to do in the world we live in today.

I would welcome a chat with anyone out there about how we can work together to best support you and your family. Please do hop over to my website if you’d like more information on me and what I do.


The Nostalgic Doula

Birth Prep In A Box

Birth prep in a box is a fully comprehensive antenatal care education & Hypnobirthing toolkit. Birth Prep In A Box starts with a free online course and goes on to offer printed flashcards, a paid online course right up to the gold standard of one-2-one course with me (or one-2-two). The full kit evolves to the way you learn and your budget too. Do get in touch if you would like to find out more and work out which is the best format for you.
I also offer Birth Prep/Hypnobirthing facilitator training for the Birth Prep In A Box kit.

Ever extending list of courses & workshops I have attended:

Bring Relief with your Debrief – May 2019

Developing Doulas – Sept 2019

Consent in birth Workshop – Feb 2020

Rebozo Workshop – Feb 2020

Biomechanics for Birth – March 2020

Hypnosis for Birthworkers – March 2020

The Little Birth Company Instructor Training – April 2020

Waterbirth Workshop, with Midwife Expert – Sept 2020

Mother Blessing Ceremonies, Emma Ashworth – Nov 2020

Three Step Rewind, Birth Awareness – Nov 2020

Paediatric First Aid – Jan 2021

Mindful Breastfeeding – Apr 2021

BASIS Safe Infant Sleep – Jun 2021

Laid Back Breastfeeding – March 2022

Freebirth & Emergency Childbirth Course – Aug 2022

Moving for an Easier Birth  – Aug 2022

My Vag, my right – Emma Ashworth – Oct 23

LGBTQ+ Competency in Birth & Beyond – Dec 23