Verity Croft

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If you are looking for extra support in your journey towards, through or after your birth you may need a doula.

As a birth doula, I believe in women and their partners having the right to loving, informed support to experience a positive birth and postnatal period. I have a wonderful family of four children and my birth and mothering journey has been a gift for learning. Seeing parents-to-be flower in their journey towards their birth and witnessing them gain confidence in their choices, whatever they may be, is such a privilege. I have experienced many types of birth, both personally and as a birth companion including home birth, home water birth, hospital birth with and without intervention, C Section and finally twin births both at home and in hospital.

About me: I spend my days trying to do the best I can to support, love and raise my family, and in my spare time I indulge my love of creating pretty things with knitting, crochet, quilting. I often knit or crochet quietly in a corner during the calm periods of a birth, creating a peaceful meditative space.

In my view parenting is not an exact art and following my instincts and reaching out for additional support and information when I need them has been, and still is, vital to me.

I am passionate about supporting new families through their transition into new parenthood whether with a first or subsequent children. I believe that having the right support can make the difference between surviving and thriving!

As a postnatal doula, I work with you in the way that works for you, from a comforting presence as you gain confidence in your early days of parenting, providing you with space to rest or be with your baby as other jobs around the house are taken out of your hands, nurturing you and your emotional needs, or providing support during the night to help you function at your best for you and your baby.
If you feel you would like to chat about any support you may be looking for I welcome your call.

Workshops, courses and on-going learning:

2014 Developing Doula Course

2015 Supporting Every Birth – supporting through pregnancy loss or pregnancy following a loss

2015 Closing the Bones – postnatal massage

2016 Tongue Tie workshop

2016 Gentle Parenting workshop

2016 Birthing for Blokes (Mark Harris)

2016 Peer to Peer Baby Wearing Support workshop

2016 Doula and Birthworker Retreat- Robozo workshop (using a traditional scarf for self care, support in labour and postnatally)