Yael Osimo

My name is Yael, I am married with four children and I’m a doula and homeopath since 2009. I became interested in the work of doulas and homeopathy after the birth of my first child, as I found both to be extremely helpful during my own birth and postnatal period.

I find Homeopathy to be an amazing natural and safe way to treat various complications, ease pain and eliminate difficulties before, during and after birth. Homeopathy could help you to avoid medical intervention (over-due, position of the fetus, exhaustion etc.) keeping yourself and your baby safe and sound. Please follow the link for further information: www.handinhand.co.uk.

I have always worked in a caring environment with adults as well as children and find that I can offer a calm presence, especially for pregnant women.  I’m a great believer that women are blessed with the physical and emotional strength to give birth and therefore should be empowered to make their own choices.

I see my role as a birth doula to support both the woman and her partner in their unique and personal wishes. In the postnatal period, I’m there to help and support a new mum find her own ways of being a mother.

Apart from my studies with Dr Michel Odent, I have also completed the Birth Bliss Aspiring Doula course and together with my own physiological birth experiences, I feel honored to be supporting other women and couples during this exciting time in their lives.

I look forward to hearing from you!

                                                               My philosophy

I believe that women are blessed with the physical and emotional strength to give birth and therefore should be empowered to make their own choices. My wish is to be beside you on this special journey of self-discovery and help you and your partner to realize your inner strengths. On the practical side, I offer my services for expectant mothers (and their families) and postnatal assistance as and when you need it. I truly believe that every woman deserve to have a doula either for the birth, after birth or both. I’m passionate about supporting women in this unique time and would like to support any social and ethnic background including single moms, venerable moms and low social economy moms.


Birth Doula Service:

I offer a free initial consultation during which we can get to know each other and you and your partner can express your needs and expectations. I will tell you what I can offer and answer all your questions to help you make your decisions.

5 Prenatal Visits

I offer between two to five visits, according to your needs, before your baby is due. At these meetings we will get to know each other better with or without your partner, as you prefer. We will go through your pregnancy see if there are any difficulties, work on the birth plan and talk together about your wishes for your big day. I will then be able to advise with homeopathic remedies and will continue to do so throughout the whole period.

Phone & Email Support

I am available on the phone and on email to give you more support outside our scheduled meetings. From your 38 week to your due date I will be on call 24/7 so that you can call me as soon as first contractions start.

Professional Information

I will guide and help you with any difficulties and answer all relevant questions you might have. I will advise on homeopathy and herbs towards the end of your pregnancy as part of the preparation for birth. Homeopathy can safely and naturally help in the different ailments pregnant women suffer from: morning sickness, changes in mood, tiredness, heartburn – as well as after birth discomforts, such as soreness, sleep problems, mastitis, cracked nipples and other breast-feeding difficulties.

During childbirth

I will be there for you and your partner from the time you feel you would like me to come, until the moment you are happy and safe with your baby in your arms. I will stay as long as needed with no time restrictions. I will help you to stay focused during childbirth and make sure we respect the birth plan according to your wishes. I will advise on remedies on request.

Baby’s first feeding Support

I will stay beside you at those special moments after your baby is born for as long as you wish and guide you through any difficulties you may have. I can offer remedies for treating both you and your baby.

Consultation for homeopathy

I treat different kinds of illnesses, disorders and discomforts apart from pregnancy and child birth. I see myself as a family homeopath and can support you throughout the different stages in your family life; from pregnancy to an advanced age – I can support you all the way. As a homeopath I believe that getting to know the family is a very important key to helping and treating the family in the best way.

My package includes:

  • free initial consultation,
  • up to 5 prenatal visits, staying with you the all birth since the moment you ask me to come until your baby is safe in your arms,
  • 2 postpartum visits
  • homeopathy advice and remedies.

The location and times of consultations are flexible, arranged to suit your needs.

Special rates for families please contact for more details

Postpartum follow-up visit

I offer 2 postpartum, follow- up visits after birth, which is included of the birth doula package price. I will suit the time to your needs and help in any way you would like me to. From staying with the baby so you can go and have a shower until preparing you a meal and make sure you are well take care.


Postnatal Doula service

I offer a postnatal doula care as well, that can follow the post-partum visits. This service can include care for you and your baby as you request. It can also enable you to take the time you need for your body to heal and time to get back to your day-to-day life at your own pace. It can also enable you to be with your other children (if you have) and help the whole family get used to the new addition. For first time mums – who might feel a little intimidated – it can be beneficial to have help for the first walk outside or the first bath, etc. In addition, this care includes homeopathic remedies and advice, as needed, for you and your baby



” I cannot express how blessed we are to have you in our lives.

You offer such nurturing guidance to us in a very delicate yet powerful stage of our life.

You greatly inspire me as a mother figure a I cannot imagine how I could make this transition without your support. From when we first met I knew I would be transformed by being in the presence of a woman like you who honors the strength of feminine nature and trusts in this strength. It is beautiful how you can bring this to other women.”

Erin and  baby Atalent Nov’ 2010


“A huge thank you! for all you have done for our little family,

Your presence was most valued during the birth- I am glad Erin had both of us to support her throughout this whole powerful, magical and intense process. Thanks also for checking up on mom and baby regularly after the birth.”

Jan Nov’ 2010


“…I wanted the birth as natural as possible and I feel that without her I would not have had this. She also offered me homeopathic remedies throughout childbirth and techniques for pain relief. ”

“… Yael offered great emotional support on her postnatal visits as well, as I was still very emotional and anxious. She gave great advice and ultimately told me to trust my instincts.”

Julia and baby Aria August 2o12


Yael Osimo has looked after me before, during and after the birth of our son. She
has been helpful, caring, thoughtful and very respectful throughout the whole
process. I don’t think I would have been prepared enough without her gentle
reminders, her anticipation of medical eventualities and her help in writing a
birth plan. An added bonus is her homeopathic training which enables her to
look after mother and child in a more than complementary way. My experience with Yael has been one of outstanding care (physical and mental), a
good sense of humor and countless practical hints, tips, suggestions and small
things she will just do for you without being asked (like making tea for
example!). I really appreciated that she never tried to press her point of view but
instead encouraged me to find my own decisions that I would be comfortable
with. I felt nourished and thoroughly accepted and cared for in the period
leading up to my son’s birth, incredibly supported during the birth and ready to
begin life with my new baby after a very short period of recovery aided by Yael’s
Please feel free to email me in case you’d like some more information:



Certified Homehopath

Licentiate Certification in Homeopathy

Southern College of Homeopathy L.S.C.H 2013


Certified Doula

Paramana Doula with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers 2009

​Antenatal & Birth Preparation Workshop with Kicki Hansard 2016

​Birth Bliss Academy doula course by Kicki Hansard 2017

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula Certificate of recognition by doula UK 2012


Contact details

Home number- 01223 667524

Mobile number- 07847347159

Email address- yael.osimo@gmail.com

Website- handinhandoula.co.uk