Zainab Walji

My name is Zainab Walji. I am a mum of four and I am based in Peterborough. I am a mentored birth and postnatal doula.

As the eldest child and grandchild, I was surrounded by my younger siblings and cousins. And as such grew up loving kids and even helping my aunts look after them at times.I have had four completely different pregnancies and births. The only common thing was the lack of information and options provided. And of course, the continuity of care.

My aim is to provide families with plenty of information regarding all aspects of pregnancy and birth, so they can make an informed decision, instead of being forced to choose something that does not work for them. And be a constant presence in whatever capacity they need. (Listening ear, information provider, hand holder etc…)

Zainab Walji aka Doula Zee/Zee

+44 7391 964228

@DoulaZee on Instagram & Facebook